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VMworld 2013 – San Francisco

2013-08-26 12.25.15

Danny, James & Charlie at VMworld 2013

August 25-29th saw the 10th Annual VMworld conference hosted at the Moscone Centre in San Franciso, USA.  StratoGen sent a delegation from our UK and USA offices to find out what VMware had to say this year.

The Day 1 Keynote was packed with over 20,000 delegates and there was standing room only for the StratoGen guys!  Proceedings were kicked off by CMO Robin Matlock who set the scene for CEO Pat Gelsinger to come on stage and make the event’s big announcements.

The biggest announcement was the latest version of vSphere – vSphere 5.5, and the latest version of vCloud, also numbered 5.5.

2013-08-26 09.18.24

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger on stage

Pat boasted that vSphere 5.5 now supports ‘2x everything‘ – double the cores supported, double the RAM and now a whopping 64TB virtual hard disk support, thus matching one of Hyper V’s big selling points.

App aware HA was announced, along with the VMware vSAN which could potentially shake up the storage industry particularly in the SMB space.  Pat also announced the availability of Cloud Foundry, VMware’s PaaS on vSphere.

Pat then welcomed new VMware CTO Martin Casado on stage, who heralded the launch of ‘NSX’  – VMware’s network virtualisation offering.  According to VMware, NSX will do for networks what ESX did for Servers – a pretty bold claim, but backed by some pretty serious case studies of major organisations who have already embraced NSX network virtualisation – Citigroup, eBay and GE.

Following Martin was the new head of the vCloud Hybrid Service, former Savvis CEO Bill Fathers who took the stage to announce the latest developments with the vCloud Hybrid Service – VMware’s own Public Cloud offering.  New services will be rolled out including Desktop as a Service and DR as a Service, and the USA datacentre footprint will increase.  As yet no plans were announced for international expansion but maybe this news is being saved for VMworld Europe?

The announcements have been 2013-08-26 12.12.03met with some criticism from the existing service provider community – VMware always said they would never compete with their partners – they would support them to build out their own clouds, but now they are competing head to head – will be interesting to see how many partners stick with vCloud and2013-08-26 10.47.42 how many choose to switch to a different platform.  We did note the presence of more hosting companies in the Solutions Exchange this year, which clearly shows that the industry is booming.

No conference would be complete without swag – here’s James from StratoGen’s engineering team modelling the VMworld 2013 backpack, which can also be worn as a courier bag!  James & Charlie  also managed to pick up these lovely Hawaiian Hula Leis which fortunately co-ordinated well with their chosen outfits for the day!

2013-08-26 18.08.08The geeky highlight of the conference was meeting VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger at the VMware Service Provider provider drinks reception at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Company.  StratoGen had invited 2 of our key clients to the event so they were most impressed that we were able to introduce them to Mr Gelsinger!

Finally this year’s VMworld Party was immense!  The entire San Francisco Giant’s stadium was taken over by VMware, with a huge stage for bands Imagine Dragons and Train, fairground rides, side shows, and as much free food and beer as you could consume in 3 hours!

2013-08-28 19.43.30

VMworld 2013 Party – San Franciso Giants Stadium


2012 – StratoGen’s Year in Review

2012 was a very busy year for us here at StratoGen, so I thought I would take some time to reflect on some of the bigger things that we achieved over the last 12 months.

January 2012USA vCloud Platform launched in Denver Colorado – due to increasing demand for USA based vCloud hosting, StratoGen decided to launch our service across the pond

June 2012StratoGen relocated to new offices at 37 Frederick Place in Brighton.  Due to continued successful growth more office space was required to house our UK based sales & support teams, so a new home was found.

July 2012StratoGen’s New York office was established at 380 Lexington Avenue to provide local support for our rapidly growing US customer base.

August 2012 – StratoGen attended VMworld San Francisco where we met with key customers, learned about key product developments, had the opportunity for an intimate audience with outgoing CEO Paul Maritz, and even got some sound bites on a video posted on the VMware vCloud Blog!

October 2012Stratogen’s New Jersey Datacentre launched – due to increasing demand for our US based vCloud Powered VMware Hosting, we brought online our East Coast facility at the impressive IO New Jersey modular datacentre, which survived the havoc wreaked by Frankenstorm, unlike many Manhattan based facilities including some that we evaluated!

November 2012 - StratoGen Upgrades all vCloud Datacentres to vSphere 5.1 & vCloud Director 5.1 becoming one of the first vCloud Powered providers to offer the great new features of 5.1 including Snapshot capability, Storage Profiles and enhanced networking with the vCloud Networking & Security suite

November 2012 – StratoGen Malaysia Datacentre launched in Kuala Lumpur making StratoGen one of the few VMware vCloud Powered hosting companies with true global coverage.

Looking forward to 2013, we’re excited to be growing the team in our US office, and we’re working hard to grow our well established based of ISV and Managed Service Provider customers.

There’s no question that cloud based services will continue to grow in 2013, as more workloads move to the cloud, and more software vendors look to make the shift from traditional on premise client-server deployments to Software As A Service based offerings.  VMware themselves are doing a lot of work in this area with ISV’s to ‘vApp’ their applications to simplify migration onto vCloud VMware hosting environments – ultimately deploying an application needs to become as simple as selecting it from a catalog as far as the end user is concerned.

We’d like to thank all of our existing customers for their continued support of StratoGen in 2013, and look forward to working with many more companies over the coming months to help them with their journey to the cloud.


We’re off to VMworld – What do we hope to learn?

So we’re off to San Francisco next week to attend the VMworld conference at the Moscone Center to hear all about the latest developments from VMware.

There seem to be a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline, and there are a few things we hope to be enlightened on while we’re there.

  • vCloud Director next major release 
    • When is it coming?
    • What features can we expect in GA?  We’re hoping to see:
      • Storage Tiering
      • Snapshot capability
      • More end user control of vShield Edge (load balanding configuration etc)
  • Site Recovery Manager – there have been rumours of integration between SRM and vCloud Director – we’re intrigued to find out more…
  • Project Octopus – much anticipated and discussed at last year’s VMworld – we want it, when can we have it?  Hopefully we’ll get an update and an idea of launch dates…
  • Have Bon Jovi still got it? You may ask ‘Did they ever have it?’ – They’re headlining the VMworld Party, so we’re going to find out!

Hopefully we’ll get the answers to these questions and more – we’ll post what we are allowed to next week!