VMware Hosting

All the benefits of an enterprise class infrastructure for a fraction of the cost. Choose from UK, US or Asia based clouds.

VMware Hosting 

A Better Cloud For Business

Guaranteed 100% uptime, 24/7 support and a comprehensive service level agreement

Next Generation Platform

Deploy virtual machines, build networks and configure firewalls from a single user interface

Stability And Performance You Can Trust.

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VMware Hosting

Vmware Service Provider

StratoGen are the UK's leading VMware hosting provider with more industry awards and product firsts than any other. From single virtual machines to dedicated private clouds, StratoGen delivers a powerful yet cost effective cloud hosting solution.

Agile VMware Hosting Provider

The StratoGen Cloud is engineered from the ground up to be extremely dynamic and resilient, allowing you to add more servers or resources instantly. Your whole hosted VMware infrastructure becomes fully adaptive to any commercial changes so you can focus on growing your business and not maintaining your server hardware.

A Better Cloud For Business

Available in multiple data centres across the UK, US and Asia, our vSphere 5.5 clusters are built on the very latest HP Blade servers, with disk storage provisioned on NetApp enterprise SAN units configured in RAID DP. 24 hour TECHIE™ support and 100% uptime guarantee are included as standard.

The StratoGen Cloud has the scale, performance and security to meet all of your organisation's needs.

Enterprise Benefits. Lower Cost.

By moving to the StratoGen Cloud you can leverage all the benefits of an enterprise class infrastructure for a fraction of the outlay. We can help you drive down costs by removing underutilised server hardware allowing you to focus on business growth. The need for capital expenditure is vastly reduced because the StratoGen Cloud offers a predictable, low monthly fee.

Compatible With Your Applications

The StratoGen Cloud offers support for over 450 operating systems including Windows Server 2008 and 2012, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS and Ubuntu. What's more it's incredibly easy to upload your own installation media or custom virtual machine images directly into your virtualised environment.

Advanced Functionality

The StratoGen Cloud platform offers functionality well beyond competing next generation services. Our network management feature gives you the ability to build and manage networks and firewalls, modify firewall rule sets or set up VPN's in an instant. What's more you can even build and deploy advanced load balancers to add the highest level of availability to your environment.

On-site Integration

The StratoGen Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with any on-site VMware infrastructure you may have, offering a "single pane" management console for both your hosted and on-site resources. Free yourself from hardware constraints by having a nearly unlimited supply of high performance VMware resources at your fingertips.

SharpLock™ Security And Compliance

The StratoGen Cloud provides a secure foundation for your business applications, with an architecture designed to exceed business critical compliance requirements including SAS 70, PCI-DSS and ISO27001. Our unique SharpLock™ service offers a wide array of additional security features including two factor authentication that are fully customisable to your virtual datacentre. SharpLock™ is included free of charge.

Who Benefits?

Software as a Service (SaaS) providers use the StratoGen Cloud to deliver the 100% uptime and instant provisioning needed for their software deployments. Small businesses use it to deliver an enterprise class infrastructure whilst keeping costs down. Larger organisations leverage the StratoGen Cloud to procure fixed cost infrastructure with guaranteed service levels.

Disaster Recovery

StratoGen offer off-site replication targets for your critical data to provide an end-to-end infrastructure solution. In addition, redundant hot standby VMware servers can be configured in alternate data centres to enable not just data restoration, but to restore both applications and business services in the event of a disaster.

Geographic Diversity

The entire StratoGen Cloud platform is available in multiple datacentres across the UK, US and Asia allowing you to build out highly resilient private clouds with true geographic diversity.

Seamless Backup

Our NetApp SAN units offer advanced snapshot features which work in tandem with VMware to provide a seamless backup solution for your entire cloud hosting environment.

Get all the benefits of enterprise class infrastructure in an affordable package.

TECHIE™ Support

At StratoGen we believe you should be able to talk to a TECHIE™ whenever you need to, so we never use 1st line script readers or gatekeepers. StratoGen TECHIES™ are highly skilled engineers with VMware certification, and a strong pedigree in Networking, Infrastructure and Systems Administration; they know what they are talking about and love solving your problems. Our support helpdesk is available 24x7 by email or telephone.

Information Security

StratoGen are proud holders of ISO27001 certification, the international standard of information security which encompasses both physical and logical assets. We have a culture of training, auditing and certification that ensures that all our team members work to a common security policy. We are always mindful of the trust placed in us by our clients and work tirelessly to ensure their data security through regular auditing of our work, policies and procedures.

Technical Details

VMware Hosting from StratoGen is provided in the form of a virtual datacentre, giving you the flexibility to build out exactly the environment you need. You won't find locked-in processor/memory/storage configurations here; you are free to allocate exactly the resources needed to each server, independently of one another.

Unlike other providers StratoGen fully disclose the underlying hardware that makes up our platform:


HP Blade System

The StratoGen Cloud Hosting platform is built on the latest HP blade servers, running high performance Intel E5 (Sandy Bridge) processors. Each blade is configured with multiple 10Gb Network interfaces in a N+1 system that operates storage and connectivity.

HP Blade systems are recognised as the worldwide leader in enterprise class, high density computing.

SAN Storage

NetApp Storage Array

The heart of any cloud platform is the SAN and this is where StratoGen excel. We operate very high performance NetApp storage arrays configured with multiple redundant controllers and 15K SAS drives in a RAID DP configuration.

NetApp are consistently rated as the leading storage provider in the enterprise market. StratoGen are a NetApp Gold Partner.



Cisco 10Gb Network

Our multi-homed, all Cisco network has been designed from the ground up to be 100% resilient and fully scalable. Our core network is deployed in an N+N 10Gb configuration, which means failures of individual network components – routers, switches or interconnects, will have zero impact on the availability or performance of the network and your associated services.


High Availability Features

StratoGen utilise all of the enterprise VMware features including vMotion and DRS to deliver 100% availability across the entire virtualised IT environment. Our industry leading service level agreement offers your money back if we fail to deliver 100% uptime. In addition all our managed cloud hosting services include Cisco firewall provision as standard so you don't need to support the network or hardware allowing your IT staff to focus on what they do best.

Physical Server Integration

We live and breathe cloud at StratoGen but equally we are fully aware that there are times when a physical server or device is required. If you need your existing hardware to live out it's depreciation cycle we can help by offering seamless integration with our cloud platform to achieve the best of both worlds.


StratoGen offer the full range of Microsoft server software on a pay-as-you-go basis. Find out more about Microsoft licensing.


Other Technologies

StratoGen have a wealth of experience building out clouds with vendors such as Dell EqualLogic, and technologies such as global load balancing and WAN optimisation. Start a live chat now to see how we can help or take a no obligation, free 7 day trial.

Disaster Recovery

Get continuity of business and more importantly your revenue in the event of a disaster with StratoSure Disaster Recovery. A tried and test solution based on Zerto advanced replication.

Private Cloud

Retain control of your data and take advantage of dedicated, scalable resources with a private cloud solution from StratoGen. Low monthly fees with guaranteed 100% uptime.

Hadoop Hosting

Highly scalable and resilient Hadoop hosting solutions for big data applications. Choose from physical, cloud or hybrid environments located in one of our worldwide datacentres.